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What Makes Sparkle Yoga Reno Special...

Sparkle Yoga studio… what does it evoke? For some it is a restful, quiet, sanctuary from the noise and hustle of daily life. Some yoga studios take this feeling and carry it further, adding soft lighting, gentle scents, a feeling of being nurtured and cosseted from the extremes of life on the road!

Some studios can be quite luxurious and some can be very basic. In reality, what is it you exactly need to practice yoga? Well, quite simply you really don’t need anything, oh, maybe a mat and some props can come in handy.

A strong practitioner can step out onto a grassy space and just start a vinyasa flow, moving, working. But for some, additional encouragement is required and a yoga studio is the best setting for that experience… and we’ll tell you why.


Vinyasa Yoga and OM Shanti

Yoga in the west is the physical practice known as hatha yoga. Hatha merely means movement, the postures, poses, the asanas or yoga poses.

The flip side is the spiritual side, which views the form of yoga practice as a spiritual discipline often involving chanting, meditation, and retreats focused on guiding the individual to the attainment of well-being, balance, and mindfulness.

Some of the concepts within the spiritual side are referenced in class. Some mention of mindful movement, connecting breath with the body or perhaps a chanted “OM” at the conclusion of the practice session.

However, these are not the core of a yoga class, it is an attempt to conflate the two sides. We will be speaking of how you can benefit from a well-run studio to deepen your vinyasa yoga yoga practice.



Best Yoga Studio Near Me

Power yoga is proliferating within the health and fitness industry as never before. More and more people are beginning to understand that yoga is an amazing way to create flexibility and strength, to reduce stress and anxiety and finish a vigorous class feeling really relaxed, despite some of the contortions your instructor might ask of you.

Studies consistently show these benefits in control group settings, but you already know that because you are committed to finding the best yoga studio in your area. “Near Me” are the new search buzzwords, so how do you go about doing it? Let’s see, shall we?

Yoga studios seem to be popping up on the corner of every intersection all over the country. From the larger cities to smaller ex-urban communities, everyone seems to be supporting this ancient discipline that offers to bring so many amazing physical results.

You may already pass by many studios on your daily routine. One of the best ways to find a studio that is right for you is to take some time and either stop by one of these locations, or search for them online.

Most yoga studios (really almost all of them) have web sites to that you can find out about hours, classes, instructors, what you’ll need, and how to select the right class for you. So, do some easy homework.


What Form of Yoga?

When you either review the yoga studio site, or talk to the owner, or an instructor at the facility, ask about the kind of classes they offer.

Wait?! What? I thought you just said all physical yoga is called Hatha yoga? Well, yes, it is. However, through various gurus and teachers, styles of yoga have evolved until today we have a very broad offering of practice types.

Among them are: Hatha (general category, but often a slower practice for the beginner), a true beginner’s class, gentle yoga, often designed for people recovering from injury or ailments, Iyengar, a very well-respected practitioner, who developed a very strenuous and exacting flow (alignment is very critical).

Bikram, or hot yoga, again, a strenuous practice conducted in a heated room (around 100 plus degrees) with a higher level of humidity (around 50%), to power flows, often called vinyasa, which provides poses that move from one into the next based on breath inhales and exhales, popularized by Baron Baptiste.

As you can see, there are any number of types of classes and when you start asking around, make sure you discuss your current fitness level and what your goals are with the instructors or owners of the yoga studio.


Best Yoga Studio Fees and Costs

Above all, make sure the studio you select will give you what you need.

Do they offer introductory classes or passes so that you can take practice from a number of their instructors?

Are there any special workshop they offer periodically so that you can work on particular postures, such as inversions or handstands, or even how to use props effectively.

Are the instructors clear in their guidance of a practice, do you understand, even with perhaps limited knowledge of yoga what you’re being asked to do?

There is nothing more frustrating than a group of people moving together and you’re left in the corner peaking up from around your left arm to find out… what the heck are we supposed to be doing again?

Yoga should be fun. It is always physically beneficial, but you have to feel comfortable and in-tune with the studio you’ve selected, because you are now becoming part of a community that meets on the mat.

You should expect, at a minimum, that each instructor has the experience and certifications necessary and often required, to guide a practice safely, and that they are always mindful of each student in their class to offer alignment tips and suggestions for options, if, for example, your left knee is sore, or your shoulder movement is impaired.

Final thoughts: The best yoga studio near you is the one you will go to regularly. It may be fancy, it may be basic, but it should be the place where you feel free to work your practice and push your limits under the guidance of people who care about you. When one yogi succeeds, we all succeed.



our mission statement

Sparkle Yoga Studio

Upon entering the doors of Sparkle Yoga, you immediately feel both safe and serene.

Yoga is not only about getting a stronger, toner body or releasing stress and anxiety, it is about getting familiar with yourself. It is about creating space where you were once stuck. It is about peeling away the layers of protection that you have built around you, it is about opening your heart. To appreciate your body and become aware of the noise that the mind creates.

Yoga is about finding peace within yourself and loving you.

Please join us at Sparkle Yoga and be authentically you.

We are a loving and nonjudgmental community, we believe in the power of helping one another. And we’ll constantly strive to better ourselves and in turn, others. Come to your yoga mat, feel strong, empowered, and confident while also holding space for you to release whatever is not serving you.

Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or continuing it, we honor that you have chosen us to provide the path. Making the first step is the hardest part, but here you will be welcomed with open hearts!

The love and the light within us sees and bows to the love and the light within you