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Jennifer Wallis

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Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. It soon became such a positive change in her life she knew she had to spread the love. Immediately after receiving her Yoga Alliance certification she began her teaching career and two years later Sparkle Yoga was born.

What I love most about bringing yoga into peoples lives is that they achieve a clarity and a happiness they didn’t have before. Sure they become more flexible, stronger, and healthier, but self love and self assurance comes with it. They start to do things they never thought they could do. And they realize that you’re never too old or too uncoordinated to do something. Yoga is a more than physical, it is mental, emotional and spiritual. It is definitely a game changer! I am lucky to be sharing it with so many others.

There are so many people and so many challenges out there that tend to dull our sparkle over time. Sparkle Yoga is here to add more sparkle to your life. It’s here to help you give yourself permission to love and except every part of you. It’s here to help you leave a little sparkle, wherever you go!

I am honored to be able to be part of your yoga journey and I am equally grateful that so many amazing people have chosen to be part of mine! What’s really beautiful about yoga is that no matter where you are on your path, it’s always the right time to begin.

See you on the mat! Namaste Keep Calm and Sparkle On




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