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Kid's and Tween Yoga

Sparkle Kid’s Yoga is a form of yoga that is designed specifically for children. It includes poses that increase strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Kid’s Yoga includes classes for younger kids, and Tweens.

The yoga classes for the younger kids are intended to be fun and may include age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.

Of course families are welcome to join their child and practice yoga with them.”Sparklers”, the name of our family yoga classes, will include learning about and practicing yoga, mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises!


Being taught yoga and meditation at a young age will help children live a more peaceful life.


Our tween classes are for kids a bit older and who want a more experienced class, but not quite a power class.

No matter the age or experience level we have a yoga class for your child.




Sparkle Kid’s Yoga F.A.Q.

Family Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

Among all the different happenings in our society, it is important to not lose bond with your family.  That’s why family yoga is so beneficial.  There is so much happening in our schools, in our homes and with extra curricular activities, this is why it’s wonderful to have a time to be together to grow the family connection.

Yoga for the family is not only fun, but so much can be taken away from the class, teachings that will be with the children for life.  Some of the teachings that are learned in family yoga are mindfulness, breathing techniques, meditation, how to get rid of your own monkey mind in order to live a more peaceful life.

Certain types of yoga is great for toddlers. The child’s anatomy is very different than an adults, so the teacher has to know what postures to teach in a kids yoga class.

Children have a much different class than adults, but some of the fundamentals are the same.  Meditation and mindfulness are important at any age and that is what is taught.

Starting to have the wonderful mindset of a yogi should be learned early.  This will make life so much more fulfilling.  Obviously, a child’s attention span is quite different than an adults, so many differences are taken into consideration while planning a kids yoga class.


Yoga is great for any age.

Some mothers are very devoted to their practice and will bring the baby in while under one years of age.  The baby, obviously, doesn’t do any stretching or poses, but just being around the energy and in the yoga room, is enough.  When the child starts walking and talking more action takes place.  As far as when to start, no age is too young.  The practice is always catered to the child’s abilities.

Just bring your child into a yoga class, a family yoga class, there they can participate as often as they like.

Usually, children experience shyness in the beginning, but by the end of the class they are actively participating and having fun!  Yoga is also great for socialization.

The tools that are taken home from a yoga class, can be used for the rest of a persons life.  Even if they don’t know they are learning the practice, they are.And life changing benefits will happen.

Hot yoga is not safe for children.  There is a certain age where hot yoga becomes safe.  There is even a certain age where particular stretches shouldn’t be done.  The best thing to do is find a yoga studio that is offering kids yoga and ask about the practice.  Make sure that this instructor is certified in teaching a child and has knowledge of a child’s anatomy.  Kids yoga is will set the child on the right path, but kids yoga is very different than adult yoga.

Family yoga is something that was developed by a Swami in India.  He knew that if children at a young age, began practicing mindfulness, happiness, breath-work, meditation etc. the world would be a better place.  That’s why he started it and why it has proved to be needed so desperately.  Very simply put, family yoga is making the world a better place! Namaste.

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