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Power Yoga

This class is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where the motion is fluid and the breath is always connecting one movement to the other.  This vigorous type of yoga is taught in a warm studio which makes it  revitalizing and rejuvenating.  Strength, balance, flexibility, and mental stamina are all incorporated in each class. 



Power Yoga F.A.Q.

Power Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

There is quite a large difference between Power Yoga and Yoga, but they are both looking for the same result.  Meaning that everyone who practices yoga is looking for enlightenment, some find it in different ways. While Yoga focuses on flexibility and stretching, Power Yoga focuses on strength building.  The differences in yoga Reno at Sparkle Yoga Studio is that the postures are held longer in Power and much of the focus is on the body.

Is Power Yoga effective for weight loss?

Sparkle Yoga in Reno NV, has different kinds of practices, lots of them are good for weight loss.  Power yoga, however, is one of the best.  Power yoga builds core muscles and increases metabolism.  This is extremely effective for weight loss, not to mention that the body’s muscles become lean.  A lot of what is done in Power yoga is cardiovascular which burns a considerable amount of fat.

We offer a variety of classes for beginners, since Power yoga is such a vigorous workout, some beginners may not like this.  The instructor is always cueing, telling students what yoga poses to do and assisting them with their breath work. For a beginner, it might be more enjoyable if they start off in a slower class.  A class where their teacher can guide them through each pose.

Power yoga is great for flexibility, strength, toning muscles, breathing and so many other benefits.  A great thing that yoga brings to anyone who practices is how it works with your mind.  The students are so busy trying to balance and move into each pose, they don’t have time to think about anything else.  And then there is the fun factor.

Power yoga gives us the less serious side of yoga letting us giggle, laugh, and fall as we focus on just showing up to try! Sparkle Yoga, in Reno NV offers this along with such a variety of classes, there is something for everyone!

What is the disadvantages of Power Yoga?

There is no exercise that is perfect for everyone. Although yoga has so many benefits, breathing, flexibility, the meditative aspect, strength building, stress relief, it might not be what a certain person is looking for at the moment.  Give it a try and see for yourself, Sparkle Yoga offers a variety of classes, one may be perfect for you!

There are a few differences between Power yoga and working out at a gym.  While yoga may not burn as many calories as some of the aerobic, weight training exercises, the benefits of Power yoga can out weigh a gym.

Power yoga gets you into the connection with yourself, it is just as physical as it is mental, if not more.  The yoga that is found at Sparkle Yoga, Reno NV, is not about the hour in the studio, it is about the other 23 that are not in the studio.  The strength, weight loss and flexibility that are found when you practice yoga, are just a bonus!

Power yoga has many benefits, one being how it tones the core.  Power yoga such a great workout with all the breath, flexibility and stamina that yoga brings.

Besides toning and it also takes care of the mind and helps to turn off the monkey mind.  Because while practicing Power yoga, students really can’t think about anything else as you attempt to stay on your feet or hands!

Can I do power yoga everyday?

As with any exercise, listen to your body and allow yourself rest when you feel you need to.

Ideally, 3-5 times a week is great for Power yoga, but you know your body best. Rest is important for any exercise, that way the body can recover and get stronger.

Power yoga can be practiced the majority of the week and then light stretching the other days.  It always depends on the individual.  Yoga IS the only form of exercise that can be practiced daily.

Power yoga is vinyasa- style yoga but it is extremely vigorous and uses different types of yoga together. It does incorporate Ashtanga yoga and has lots of vinyasa yoga.  But any pose can be taught in this fitness based workout.  The breath is always focused on and students are guided through the breathing.

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