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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This all level practice teaches the classic yoga postures (asanas) through a deep awareness of  alignment and detail.  The mind is trained to be alert while flowing from posture to posture.  Vinyasa Flow stimulates muscle growth by connecting the breath to the motion.  (Yoga is about using your breath and movement together.)

The class addresses the needs of students who are either new to the practice or advanced.

Average temperature for this class is 78-85 degrees



vinyasa yoga F.A.Q.

Vinyasa Yoga Reno Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner can do Vinyasa yoga?

Yes, a beginner can do Vinyasa yoga, however, there is a constant flow throughout the class.  Meaning that if a person is not very familiar with the flow or postures, they might have a tough time keeping up with the class.  The instructors will always offer modifications  throughout the class.  But if a beginning yoga class is offered that might be the better class for the beginner.  That class will be more enjoyable.

Vinyasa classes are recommended for intermediate and above practitioners.

Is Vinyasa Yoga hard?

The flow of a Vinyasa class can be challenging at times, however, remembering your breath always helps to carry you through the difficult poses and refresh you in the resting poses.  The poses themselves in Vinyasa Yoga are pretty common postures and not too difficult to do, but since a practitioner is moving quickly through them, it can become a bit challenging.

What kind of yoga is Vinyasa Yoga?

Different flows are taught in a Vinyasa Yoga class.  The term vinyasa means many different styles of yoga.  All of the movements offered are synchronized with the breath.  Most of the postures are vigorous styles of movement.  Typically you can expect a flow of poses that transition easily from one pose to another. The flow usually goes through Sun Salutations, which is a large part of vinyasa yoga.


What is the difference between Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga?

Both types of yoga are wonderful, but a different goal is achieved. Hatha yoga is more about finding mental calmness and focussing on your breathing.  Vinyasa flow is more of a workout still focusing on your breathing, but also practicing the proper form in your poses and the fluid transitioning between those poses.

Is Vinyasa Yoga a good workout?

Vinyasa yoga is an extremely wonderful workout.  The person practicing will build strength while also burning fat and improving their cardiovascular capabilities.  Vinyasa flow and many other yogas are not only a physical workout, they are also very mental.  Yoga helps to develop a better relationship with oneself, through breath work and movement.

Is Vinyasa a Yoga?

There are so many different types of yoga. Almost all types can be considered vinyasa.  What vinyasa means is the putting together or arranging in a certain way.  The putting together of yoga poses and then arranging them in a certain way.  That’s where the flow comes from.  There are lots of different types of yoga, and most of them flow and that’s vinyasa.

Why is Vinyasa Yoga good for you?

There are so many different health benefits that yoga can provide.  There are probably about the same amount of cures that yoga can provide as well. 

These are only a couple of the reasons why this practice is so great for you.  Vinyasa helps to make the body flexible and strong.  It also helps with balance and clarity.  Yoga is as great for the mind as it is for the physical body.  It works with the mind, body and spirit.

Does Vinyasa Yoga tone your body?

There are so many different poses done in vinyasa flow, most of these poses are working with your own body weight.  These poses target different parts off the body, muscles that aren’t otherwise used, these muscles will get toned because of this.  Because vinyasa yoga is different almost every time it is practiced, depending on the teacher, different muscles will be toned.

Is Vinyasa Yoga heated?

Every studio is different on how hot the room is.  Often the temperature of vinyasa flow is kept between 75 & 95 degrees.  These classes are not only about the flow, they are implementing breath work as well.  Inquire with the studio you plan to practice at to find out what they keep their temperature at.

What does Vinyasa Yoga mean?

Vinyasa means yoga poses that flow together smoothly creating a sequence or flow.  Something exciting about this type of yoga is that the postures are different often, changing which muscles are worked.  This is wonderful so that strength can be built in different parts of the body.  Sometimes moving as fast as one breath to one movement.

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