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Yin Yoga

This class aims to balance the body of all the physical activity we put it through.  A Yin practice strengthens the body’s connective tissue with the stillness of a slow deep stretch.  The students hold each posture for several minutes at a time, usually with the assistance of props.  This is a great practice to be done opposite Vinyasa flow.  This is a restorative class that is wonderful for alleviating chronic pain, physical or emotional imbalance, and deepening meditation practice.

Average temperature for this class is 70-72 degrees



Yin Yoga reno F.A.Q.

Yin Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

What does Yin Yoga do for your body?

Yin yoga is about the most relaxing, meditative part of yoga that may not be found in other high intensity practices. It is the perfect compliment to a vinyasa flow or power yoga class. The poses that are offered in Yin are for the tendons, ligaments and fascia, since postures are held for so long, the circulation within these parts of our body will increase.  That is were a person becomes more flexible versus stiff.  So many athletes or people who exercise often, can benefit so much from a Yin class.  Their movements are quick and fast, not at all opening, so that the body can stretch and release.

What is a Yin Yoga class?

Yin yoga is a class with different postures, that are held for a longer period of time than when in other yoga classes.  All Yin postures are done form the floor and many of the postures use different props, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, etc.  The props may not be necessary in the practice, however, since every posture is held for a long period of time, maybe up to five minutes, the props are offered to support the body and make the practitioner more comfortable.


Is Yin Yoga good for beginners?

Yin yoga is perfect for beginners.  Even people who exercise in other ways than yoga.  Yin is the perfect compliment for an active athlete, someone who is always moving and working out.  Everyone needs to slow down and breath and relax, that’s what Yin offers.  It also works with active stretching, the type of stretching your body needs but rarely gets.

What should I bring to Yin Yoga?

The only thing that you need in a Yin yoga class, besides your yoga mat, is comfortable clothes and water.  It is important to always keep yourself hydrated especially as new new circulation is achieved.  Yin yoga is slow and relaxing with active stretching, other types of yoga are fast moving, when done together, it is the yin and yang that our body needs.

Can Yin Yoga help me loose weight?

Yes, Yin yoga can help you to lose weight.  While practicing yin yoga the practitioner becomes more familiar with their body.  How their body feels, moves, etc. and yin opens up joints that otherwise would be stiff and maybe painful.  Through any type of yoga, active or passive, weight loss can be achieved.  Even through a restorative or yin practice.

Can you do Yin Yoga everyday?

When a practitioner practices yin it affects the tissues, not the muscles, so there is no need to have a day of recovery, so yes, it can be done everyday.

The relaxing part of yin brings the practitioner out of their day to day life, and helps them to destress and find inner peace.

Is Yin Yoga dangerous?

It is important that there is a yoga instructor present when a person begins practicing any type of yoga.  That instructor has gone through the proper training and knows which poses to offer.  There are a deep stretches that are achieved in Yin Yoga, some worry that the practitioner can over stretch their joints.  That is why it is important to have a professional leading the practice, so that different postures can be offered daily.

Is Yin Yoga good for arthritis?

Yin yoga helps the joints.  Because arthritis is joint pain, with a regular yin practice, that pain can be reduced.  Not only can yin reduce the pain, but yin also promotes more flexibility as well as lower stress levels.  It has been said that yin yoga helps to extend the life of joints!  Another great thing that yin can do is assist with a better nights sleep.


Does Yin Yoga count as exercise?

Yin yoga absolutely counts as exercise.  It is very active stretching, the tissues in the body are opened.  Because of yin the circulation increases, the fascia and tendons are awakened with these mild stretches.  Flexibility can be achieved from yin yoga.  If ever the practitioner wants to do another form of exercise or add on more workouts, Yin helps to make this possible, it is the perfect compliment for the body.

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